Saturday, March 1, 2014

First & Second Trimester Review

Finally we are almost in the last trimester! I feel so blessed that it has been a healthy pregnancy thus far, let's hope it continues that way.

At 8 Weeks we had the first ultrasound. This is the point we found out it was twins!

At 12 Weeks we found out they were identical.

At 15 Weeks we found out they were girls! WOO Team Pink!

At 19 Weeks I felt the girls move for the fist time.

At 22 Weeks I was back to getting good sleep!

At 23 Weeks Peter felt the girls move for the first time.

At 24 Weeks sleeping is back to uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks decided to hit. The twins would be able to survive outside the womb.

At 25 Weeks my belly looks like a full term singleton pregnancy, meaning more maternity clothing was ordered!

At 26 Weeks I was able to paint my toe nails for the last time without needing assistance. The tired stage is coming back in full force as well. The girls are a healthy 2 pounds each.

At 27 Weeks I started getting stretch marks for the first time in this pregnancy and both girls are head down again! 

And now we wait for 28 weeks!

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