Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things That Nobody Tells You Before Having A Baby

After having two children (and expecting two more) there are still things that surprise me about labor. Not only that but since every labor and delivery is different I have learned more each time I have a child. Some things I was told about (the horrible contractions) but there were also things nobody told me that I found out myself (breastfeeding hurts in the beginning and the breathing techniques are crap).
 So I decided to make a post of some things I learned after having two children. Some of these are from Facebook followers who "like" this blogs Facebook page, you can do so here

1. Like I said above, breastfeeding hurts in the beginning.
You may even want to stop because it hurts so bad (I really wanted to, but glad I stuck with it...both times)!  Using nipple cream, a thin bra in the shower, and helping baby latch correctly will help immensely.

2. When your water breaks, you may not know it!
Both times I just thought I had pee'd myself *sigh*, it happens. Turns out when your water breaks it doesn't always "gush" out like everyone says. The amniotic sac may just tear a bit (which is what happened to me) and you will leak fluid slowly...constantly. 

3. Breathing Techniques? Yeah...no.
That was the last thing on my mind while trying not to die through contractions. I was doing jumping jacks (just as my doctor haha!) and breathing "normal". 

4. You won't sleep in the hospital like sleeping beauty. 
The nurses usually come in every half hour to an hour to check on you and baby. Although you can ask (don't be afraid to ask) for them to skip a session so you can try to get some quick Z's. They did for us after we had our daughter.

5. Not all hospital food is horrid.
I actually LOVED the hospital food in both places we had our children. I still have yet found someone to make a better strawberry shortcake then the hospital our daughter was born at.

6. Sleep while baby sleeps?  Yeah, no to that too. 
Whenever either of my children slept I always felt the urge to do something! I needed to pick up this here or put away that there. I'm horrible at taking naps, always have been. Hopefully you're different!

7. Your hormones after having baby are still a bit crazy...making you a bit crazy.
I wasn't expecting that. Cry, cry all you want over that onesie that doesn't fit your baby or the dirty dishes. It's okay. 

8. Tucks Pads will be a savior. Trust me, just get some. 

9. Going to the bathroom after having baby is the absolute scariest thing ever.
Scarier then a spider..and I hate spiders. Using the water bottle they give you to spray WHILE going and after will most definitely help. I also found that taking a can of Dermoplast and spraying your self "down there" after using the toilet will create such a soothing feeling, it's like paradise. 

10. Being induced makes the contractions worse...a lot worse in my opinion.
I had pitocin with my son because I was not dilating at all. My body thankfully worked with me when I had my daughter and did the job itself. The pain award between the two labors goes to my first! 

11. It could be 1..2..push..baby! Or it could be 29 hours later and 2 hours of pushing, with no baby. 
Everybody is different, we all labor differently. Just because Becky had a quick 2 hour labor and pushed 2 times does not mean it will be that easy for you. Also, just because Susan had a horrible 36 hour labor and pushed for a half hour does not mean you will labor for that long. Stop comparing and relax! 

12. The "Ring of Fire"?
There may not be actual fire, but there should be. This phrase is spot on for that moment of child birth. It only lasts about 30 seconds (when the baby's head passes through your down stairs) but it will be the worst/best 30 seconds of your life.

13. Your life will suck until you figure out a schedule.
Don't try to google one either. You will just get even more frustrated and angry. Creating your own schedule that both works for you and baby is easiest.

Last but not least, you will love this little person more then anybody else in the world. From the first time they get a boo-boo to the first time you hear them call you "mommy", you will have no doubt that you and your little family are perfect.

**The following are from my facebook followers and friends off of the CafeMom website**

14. You will still look pregnant after having your baby.
After giving birth you will still look about 6 months pregnant. Your skin isn't elastic enough to just bounce back, of course there are those lucky few who look better after birth then they did before.

15. You have the control!
You will have more control in the hospital then you think. Do not let the doctors or nurses push you around and make you think that they run the place. YOU hired them, this is YOUR child and YOUR body, they are just their for assistance. Be strong and stand your ground.

16. You will still be wearing maternity clothing when you leave. (see number 14)
So don't try to squeeze you cute little butt into your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. Sweat pants or yoga pants are the way to go especially if you have c-section.

17. The first month isn't all that fun.
Between the poopy diapers, spitting up, and crying in the middle of the night (and day) it will be stressful, especially if this is your first child. Figuring out why the heck baby is crying even though he has a fresh diaper (check it again, newborns are infamous for going to the bathroom soon after being changed) is difficult. It will get better, you will learn your baby's ques and get a schedule down. It will get easier, say it again if you need to.

**If you have anything to add to this post please feel free to post it in the comments. I will update when I can.**

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