Tuesday, February 25, 2014

26 Week Appointment.

So today I went to have my 26 weeks ultrasound and to see Dr. Dolkart. The girls looked great and weighed just over 2 pounds each. At my last appointment they were both breech (which wasn't a problem since we have a couple more weeks) but today they were back to being head down. I'm fairly positive that babyA is going to be a tough cookie. The entire ultrasound babyB had her foot in babyA's face just kicking away! haha. 
I also asked about the "clicking" feeling I have been having at night in my pelvis. Dr. Dolkart said it's nothing to worry about and is normal, thank goodness. I have been having contractions on and off but my cervix is still "normal" length. If it starts to shorten then they will have to give me steroid injections to make sure the girls have great lung strength. 
As of now we keep up with the every other week appointments with him and the appointments each week in between with Dr. Wood.

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