Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eating/Drinking While Breastfeeding Tips

When breastfeeding my son and daughter I admit that I really didn't cut anything out. Of course there were the common sense things such as spicy foods (which I didn't eat much of anyway) or excessive amounts of coffee (I went down to one cup a day). I did however add more water and protein. I was lucky enough to have babies that had no reactions to what I ate, they enjoyed it all!  

Not all breastfeeding mom's are that lucky though. I have seen several friends go through trial and error trying to figure out what they were eating that was causing their baby to get a rash or have horrible gas. I'm hoping this post will help you and any other mom that has questions about what to eat while breastfeeding.

You should have no more then 300mg of caffeine a day which equals about three 5-ounce cups of coffee. For me, I cut down to one cup of coffee a day. It was enough to give me the energy I needed in the morning and enough to not want to hurt anybody because I didn't have my coffee(:

After drinking an alcoholic drink it takes two to three hours for your body to work out the alcohol. One small glass of wine or a beer is perfectly fine, but more then that should be timed with your feeding schedule.
When I first started breastfeeding my son the doctor actually told me to have a beer at night to help me relax.

Be careful. Find a list of the fish you are fine to eat and not to eat, HERE.

Flavors of The Food?
Sometimes the flavors of the food that you eat (such as broccoli) can taint the flavor of your milk. Foods such as broccoli, cabbage, garlic, spicy foods, and caffeine can change the flavor of your breast milk and make baby gassy. If you notice baby being fussy and having gas try to remember what you ate before the previous feeding. You may need to cut something out.

Eat more of...
-Complex Carbs
    Fresh fruits & veggies and whole grains.
-Healthy Fats
    Canola oil, olive oil, salmon, avocado, and nuts.

HERE, is a chart of the daily food group servings for a breast feeding mom.

Citrus Foods/Drinks?
These are foods/drinks which you can still eat but in moderation. Certain compounds in citrus can lead to diaper rash, spitting up, and fussiness in your baby. Switch out an orange for a mango, you will still get your vitamin C.

**Don't forget to eat the extra calories needed while breastfeeding! An extra 300-500 calories is need to help maintain your supply.

**Don't forget to drink extra water! At least 16 cups a day is recommended. I always had a glass next to me while feeding because that's when I got really thirsty.

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