Friday, December 6, 2013

15 Week Check Up & Gender Determination!

So last Tuesday I had another doctor's appointment with the specialist for a routine ultrasound. I'm at the 15 week point in the pregnancy so the babies are getting to the point where you can see their facial features a little better. They look like babies now, no more blobs(: 

The first ultrasound with the specialist showed that baby A wasn't growing as much as baby B but at this appointment we learned that they are both equal size now! Thank goodness. They are growing perfectly just as they should be! I see the specialist every two weeks who is about 45mins away from where we live (woo hoo), long drive but makes me feel better knowing that the doctor knows what he is talking about! 

15 weeks is still early to determine the sex but we were able to find out anyways! Turns out little A & B are going to be identical GIRLS(: Making the family  Girls:4 Boys:2! Luke is going to be a great big brother to all of his sister's(: 

Names are slowly coming to me but boy is it hard having to come up with TWO names instead of one. I personally think boy's names are so much easier to pick. 

If you have any idea's throw them my way!
Just remember, the last name will be Hamburger so she can't be named Patty (Hamburger Patty) or anything like that! haha. 

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