Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things to Do Before You're Due!

1. Set up baby's sleep area.
Whether it's in the nursery or in your master bedroom having the baby's sleeping space set is a must! Everything else can always wait until after you get home. As long as the crib, bassinet, or co sleeper is ready you are good to go! 

2. Install The Car Seat(s).
Take the time to read the manual and understand how the seat installs and how remove it. A local police station or fire station can help and test the installation to make sure the seat is in properly. I would wait until a week before your due date or induction date to install the seat(s). 

3. Have a date night with you significant other.
Before baby arrives take a night and set it aside for just you and your spouse! Trust me, you will want to. You can go out for a nice dinner or stay home and have a movie night. Just make sure you take the time to spend together, once baby comes it will be difficult to find some alone time. 

4. If you already have children- set up a big brother/sister gift.
Take some time to think of the child(ren) you already have. Once baby time comes they older sibling may feel a bit out of the loop. Include them in the special day by presenting them with a gift from their new sister/brother. A coloring book/crayons or maybe a special stuffed animal will help make them feel special and give them the attention they'll need. 

5. Wash clothing & bedding.
Wash anything and everything that baby will be wearing or sleeping with (blankets, socks, crib sheets, sleepers, ect). Be sure to use fragrance free/dye free detergent like Seventh Generation

6. Pack your hospital bag.
Make sure you have everything packed and ready to go for when you go into labor. Depending on when you choose to pack you may need to use some items you will be taking with you (cell phone charger, shampoo, ect) so make a list and keep it on top of your bag.  
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What are some things you did to prepare for baby? If you have anything to add please comment or send me an email! 

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