Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's In That Bag? (Baby(s) & Husband)

So I already wrote a post about what I have packed in my hospital bag, see that here. This post will be about what I have packed in the baby(s) bag and my husband's bag. Since I am having twins I packed double of everything, so if you are having a singleton just cut the amounts of each in half.

Twin Hospital Bag

Scratch Mittens (2)
Going home outfit (2)
Blanket (2)
Paci (2)
(Apply to the babes butt after birth, this makes getting those first couple poops easier to wipe off!)
Car Seat (2)
Baby Book (2)

Diapers & wipes are provided by hospitals so there is no need to pack those. When you leave, be sure to snag the left over diapers (hospitals don't mind)! All in all you do not need to pack a lot for the baby(s). As long as you have a going home outfit and car seat(s) you will be fine! 

Husband's Hospital Bag

Shorts (1)
Sweat Pants (1)
Shirts (2-3)
Socks (3)
Boxers (3)
Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner
Travel Size Body Soap
Phone & Charger
iPad & Charger

I try to keep his bag pretty simple. As long as he has clothing to change into, things to take a shower with, and his iPad to post photos he is fine(:

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