Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's In That Hospital Bag?

Every time I have packed a hospital bag (this is the third time) I always get so frazzled because I always feel like I'm missing something or taking stuff I won't even need. With the birth of my son I took so much crap that we didn't even use! With my daughter I took different crap and still didn't use it haha. Well this time I feel like I have everything I needed/used between my first two births and nothing that won't be needed. (:  Below is the list of what I packed in my hospital bag, I will do another post about what is in the twins and my husbands bag.  
Edited* See the post for the twins and Peter's bag here.

Samantha's Hospital Bag


Sweat/Yoga Pants (2)
Loose Shirts/Stretchy Shirts for breastfeeding (3)
Granny Panties (2)
Nursing Bras (2)
Socks (3)

Toothbrush & Paste
Chap Stick 
(Truly a savior after any vaginal birth!)
Very Large Pads 
(I hate the skinny ones they give out at the hospital.)
Breast pads
Tucks Pads

Cell Phone & Charger
Kindle & Charger
Wallet (ID, Insurance Card, Change for vending machines)

The hospitals here provide travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, pads, squirt bottle, & mesh underwear. 

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