Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Birth Plan.

 I've decided to share my birth plan, which really is no different with twins then a singleton birth. I hope that some of you may find this useful in helping you decide your plan, feel free to steal! My plan involves no pain medication so if you would like to request an epidural remember to add that. (:

Samantha ----'s Birth Plan
Due Date: May 29th, 2014
Patient of: Dr. Kari Wood & Dr. Lawrence Dolkart

I would like my husband (besides doctors & nurses) to be the only person in the room during the birthing process.
I would like the lights off and curtains open (day birth) or the lights fully on (night birth).

I would not like to be separated from my husband at any point.
I would like to be able to walk and move freely while in labor.
I would like no pain medicine unless I ask for it...more then once(:

I would like to avoid a c-section but understand with twins it may be needed.
I would like my husband to be with me at all times during the operation.
I would like to be conscious.
I would like to have immediate contact with my babies.

Post Birth
I would like to hold my babies immediately after birth.
I would like my husband to be with the babies at all times after delivery.
I would like my husband to cut the cords (if possible).
I plan to breastfeed or bottle feed what I can pump.
We would like to try co-bedding with the twins, if this is not possible that's okay.

**No formula or sugar water supplement for the babies unless absolutely necessary**

**No Heb B Vaccine for either baby**

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