Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby Items Are Arriving!

Baby Items Are Arriving!

In the past few days I arrived two packages, one had the Infant Snuzzler's in it and the other had the FoldAway BabyBath. I'm getting excited with each package that comes! Next should be the car seat, fingers crossed!

When Luke and Madison were infants we used a tub that was just a standard infant-to-toddler tub which was not easy to store (not fold-able) & always got slimy because it had little nooks that were impossible to wipe clean. Never again will I get one like that or recommend it either. I'm excited to give this Summer Infant tub a try. I like that I can easily hide it in the bathroom closet, folded. The soft, inflatable material seems easy to wipe clean after bath time and it keeps the baby(s) in the water while they remain comfortable. 

I'm not sure how you feel but I can't stand the car seat inserts for infants. They never seem like enough protection for my babes. So this time around I chose to try out the infant snuzzlers. With twins usually being born with a low birth weight, I will feel comfortable with them being snuggled and protected by this insert. 

After the twins are born and I have some time to blog I will be making posts about each of these products and how they actually worked. (:

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