Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Common Questions I Get Asked About My Twin Pregnancy.

Okay, so while I was out the other day food shopping the cashier decided she needed to know everything about my pregnancy! All she could do was ask questions and seem shocked..each time. This isn't the first time I have had some random person ask me about being pregnant but it's the most in depth conversation yet.

I never had people ask me as many questions regarding my pregnancy when I was pregnant the other two times. It's like everyone knows that something is different about this one. With people asking me questions I thought I would make a post with the commonly asked questions and what/how I answer them.

  • "You must be due soon, huh?"  -No, I still have about 15 weeks left. 
Usually they react with a "oh wow!" which probably means "you're huge!". Of course those people usually don't ask if I'm having twins or not. Now they just think I'm carrying a singleton and fat. 

  • "You look great! Do you know what you are having?"  -Thank you! Identical Girls!
This time they react slightly shocked but this is where ALL the other questions come from! 

  • "Have you gained a lot of weight?"  -Actually no, I haven't gained a single pound. I have been loosing weight. 
Which gives them a little more shock (don't worry it shocks me too)!

  • "Does it feel weird with two babies inside of you instead of one?"  -Only when I get kicked in the pelvis and kicked in the rib at the same time.
I usually get a good laugh from this one(:

  • "Are those your kids too?"  -Yes, they're 13 months apart. 
Only when I'm food shopping will this question come up. Apparently people think I steal kids just to push around the food store? 

  • "You are going to be so busy! How will you do it?"  -I'm not sure. We will see when the time comes!
Hate, hate, hate this statement/question. Just don't.

  • "How will you afford the formula?"   -I won't because I won't need it. I'm going to breastfeed/pump for them. 
I guess if you have more then one baby some people assume formula is the only option.

  • "How were they conceived?"  -Like most babies, naturally.
This is an annoying question. 

These are the only questions I can think of at the moment. I will add more once I can think of the other's that are asked.  If you have any to add please share by commenting on the post! 

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