Thursday, February 6, 2014

Potty Training Tips.

So You Want To Start Potty Training

First off, it is possible to potty train! Your child will NOT be going to college in diapers...I promise!
We are still working with Luke on using the potty but so far it has been a success.

Start planning!

  • Pick a week where you have NOTHING planned. We started on a Monday so by the time Sunday came around we could go to Church. 
  • Make sure your child is showing signs of being ready.  They show interest in the toilet, they can tell you when they have pee'd or pooped, or they keep diapers dry for a long period of time are good signs of being ready. 
**Side note: Just because your child is turning 2 does not mean that they NEED to be potty trained. All kids are different and will train at different times. They could be 18 months old or they could be 4 years old when they start. Just know they will start sometime and at their own pace. Do not try to rush them because you are sick of diapers or feel like they need to grow up**

What Is Needed?
  • Potty seat or chair
  • Stool (ease of access for the kiddos to get to the potty and sink)
  • Entertainment (books, iPad, anything)
  • Wipes or toilet paper
  • Rewards (candy, toys, stickers, whatever your child will like. We used gummy worms.)
  • Underwear (We let Luke go naked for the first few days)

How To Start?

We started as soon as my son woke up in the morning. We took of his diaper, set him on the potty, and let him do what he needed. Once he finished the routine (go potty, flush, wash hands) we set a timer for a half hour.  Every time the timer goes off I announce that it's potty time! We put him on the potty and wait. If he goes, great, give him a reward. If he doesn't go just tell him you will try again once the timer goes off. 
The first few times he went we made a big deal about it. Dancing, yelling, cheering, high fives...anything and everything! 

(Luke had at least one accident a day which always ended up being poop. It took him longer to poop on the potty then it did to pee)

Every day just keep at it and keep setting that timer. We stayed at a half hour for a good week. When it came time for Church Sunday morning  we made sure he went right before we left, when we arrived, and a half hour after that. No accidents, woo hoo! 

(As of right now, we still put Luke is diapers during nap time and at night. Daytime was the important part for us. When going on outings be sure to bring extra clothing, underwear, and a garbage bag to put wet/soiled clothing in if they have an accident.)

*Update 4/19/14:  Ever since the second week of training Luke has been out of diapers completely. None during the day, none during naps, and none during bedtime. We didn't even have to "sleep train" him, I just made sure to cut off liquids an hour before nap/bed time and asked him to use the potty before we went up to bed. A few times he has wet the bed over night but that's to be expected. 

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