Saturday, July 5, 2014

Two Months!

Two Months Old!

We are still alive!

The second month has been a lot more demanding. During the first month all they did was eat, sleep, and poop. Now Riley & MacKenzie are more aware of their surroundings and have longer wake times. We had to bring out the swing which seems to work better then the boppy. The girls will sit in the swing wide awake just taking in the day. 

Peter and I are able to tell who is who by their looks. Riley (right) has a longer and skinnier head...overall she is smaller then MacKenzie (left). 

We have a great routine going and the girls have taken well to it..thank goodness! At 8pm I prep and begin giving the girls their bath (one at a time). I'll rub them down with some lavender lotion, put on their diaper, and onesie and then swaddle them tight. Next is feeding time, lately I have mastered the art of tandem feeding. For some reason when I tandem feed the girls seem to eat longer and get more milk. They usually pass out around 9pm or quarter after and then we take them up to our room to lay them down. That gives Peter and I some time to relax together. 

Speaking of tandem feeding, I can cross that off my bucket list. (: It really does make life easier. 

I finally ventured out to the grocery store alone...with all four kids. Luke and Madison held hands the entire time so they had a buddy. There were a few attempts to throw items in the cart like fruit snacks, cereal, and frozen pops but I caught them. haha! The more time I spend as a mother to four kids the easier it becomes. 

This past month the girls also got baptized. We asked their Uncle John and Aunt Cassie to be Riley's God Parents and Uncle Matt and Aunt Anna to be MacKenzie's God Parents. 
Riley, Aunt Cassie, Uncle John, and Father Mike.

MacKenzie, Aunt Anna, Uncle Matt, and Father Mike.
When they cry we can tell who is who. MacKenzie always starts high pitched and Riley has a tremble during her cry. They both LOVE to cuddle on my chest..I love it too. They each wake up once a night but will sometimes stay awake longer then they should (hour or two). They eat every two hours & on occasion more if they hit a growth spurt.

Oh yeah, did I mention that MacKenzie has her bottom two teeth coming already! The tops already poked through, no wonder why she has been drooling!

MacKenzie making faces while I talk to her.

Riley's First Smile.

A friend of the family hand made some beautiful hats for Riley & MacKenzie! I wish I had the patience and talent to knit like this, they're beautiful!

Peter & I are doing great. Haven't killed each other yet which is amazing compared to how it was during my pregnancy. Father's Day has come & gone and he loved his t-shirt the kiddos made. See a photo of it here

Luke & Madison are still great helpers. They fetch diapers, wipes, & pacifiers when asked. They love to hold the girls & give them kisses too. Maddie helps me give the twins their bath while Luke tries to help put them to sleep. He accomplished that once by singing a song from Cinderella to MacKenzie. 

The Fourth of July has come and gone, you can read about that here. So now we move on to their third month and see what else the girls have in store for us to enjoy.(:

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