Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time For A Change.

I have been inspired. By whom you ask? By The Glamorous Housewife I reply. Her 'About' page is what hit me. Her belief that "Sweat pants is not the answer", "Being well dressed is a form of politeness", & "You should laugh and love with abundance" is what made me think. Those 3 things out of her list of several lit the light bulb in my head and made me think, things are going to change!

When I wake up I put on my boy shorts or sweat pants with a t-shirt and for the most part chill with the kiddos. I admit it, I find my butt on the sofa more then it should be. Ever since I hit the third trimester of pregnancy with Riley & MacKenzie I slacked off. Changes, they're gonna happen.

I find myself making excuses or getting more angry with people more then I should be. I am going to wake up & actually get dressed (jeans, shirt, make-up, everything). I am going to make a check list of things to be done for the day and get them done before I sit my butt down for some tv. I am going to spend more time focused on my children instead of my phone, computer, or the tv.

Happy Mommy/Wife = Happy Kids/Husband. 

It's not fair that when Peter comes home from a hard day of work outside in the 90 degree weather I complain to him about my day. "So & So is making me so mad!" or "The children are driving me nuts!" I might as well throw in "but I've been inside with full access to food, water, air conditioning, and more while you have been outside working for 8hrs with a 30min lunch break, limited water, and the hot sun beating down on you." 

I am going to make myself happier therefore making those around me happier.

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