Friday, July 18, 2014

Start of My Plexus Journey!

I'm excited to say that in the beginning of the month I started using Plexus to help me loose weight. They have many different products besides what I am using. 

Slim (found under weight loss) is the product I am using. A pink powder that you add to a bottle of water and once a day drink 30mins before or after a meal. You can pair it with the accelerator but since I am breastfeeding it wasn't recommended because of the high amount of caffeine. Aside from the Plexus Slim I am also altering my food choices when I get hungry. Instead of a bowl filled with sugar loaded cereal or a bagel for breakfast, I now enjoy apple slices with some peanut butter. At dinner time I eat more red meat & veggies while cutting back on the carbs, although potatoes are my weakness.  

I am going to be logging my results once a month to see how many inches I loose.

July 9, 2014

Bust: 46 1/2
Hip: 53
Arm: 14 1/2
Thigh: 32
Net Waist: 46 1/2

Below are some results:

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