Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth Of July 2014!

 Happy Fourth Of July!
I hope you enjoy your weekend with family!

Thursday I took Riley & MacKenzie to their two month appointment. Thankfully my mom came along to help & it made the time there bearable! Luke & Maddie hung out with Pop & some family that came to visit. When we came back the kiddos played in the rain, mud, & pool. We had self-made pizza's for dinner & the kids loved them.

Splashing in the pool with cousin Wyatt & Gavin.

After swimming ice cream with cousin Wyatt!

Yesterday we all went to my brother-in-laws house to celebrate the fourth. We had a yummy food, games, & good times with friends and family. I got the kiddos dressed up in their red, white, & blue and I wore what I could. The weather was chilly, windy, & cloudy. I left at 7:30 to take the twins home so we could stick with their routine. Peter stayed at the party to hang out with friends which in return gave me time to relax by myself a bit.

The play mat filled with toys for all the kids.
Maddie sitting with her cousin Brooke.


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