Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two Month Check-Up


Height: 21 1/2in

Weight: 8lbs 4oz

Favorite Activity: Looking at mommy

Clothing Size: 0-3months

Diaper Size: Newborn

Sleep: 5hr stretch, Wake to eat, sleep for another 5hrs.


Height: 21 1/2in

Weight: 7lbs 1oz

Favorite Activity: Talking & Smiling to mommy

Clothing Size: Newborn

Diaper Size: Newborn

Sleep: same as MacKenzie 

Dr. Bista said both girls are perfect! Riley is my little munchkin compared to MacKenzie, love them! She prescribed stuff for the girls to help with their spitting up, after every feeding they both spew like yellow stone all over. They aren't fussy about it, it's not forced, & they have more then enough dirty diapers so  I am going to start logging the food I eat to see if anything is making this happen before giving them any meds. I already cut out broccoli & beans so they don't get gas, I also cut down on spicy foods too.

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