Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Month Old!

Riley and MacKenzie are going to be a month old next week already. Where in world does the time go? Seriously. I feel like it's been just a week since they've been born. 

They are still in newborn clothing but are gaining great weight. 
I can see it in their faces already.
 They are eating constantly and I think are going through a growth spurt right now. 
Did I mention that they are waking once a night to eat?! Sometimes they'll wake and as soon as I lay them in bed with me to eat they pass out before I can even try.
They're staying awake for longer periods of time.
We have them on a good schedule that they are starting to get use to thankfully! 
The following are some photos of the girls recently:



MacKenzie and Riley


MacKenzie and Riley

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  1. Seeing these pictures of your babies is making my baby fever go into overdrive! I cant wait to have number two! Lol. They are so darn adorable!