Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh My Gosh TWINS?!

The title is just one of the many statements I get when out in public with the girls. Strangers no longer seem like strangers after having a conversation together about raising twins and "how adorable they are". I already wrote the post about what people would ask me while I was pregnant after they found out I was having twins here. This post is going to feature questions I get when I go out with Riley & MacKenzie. 


"Oh my gosh, Twins?!" 
  Usually I answer with, "Yeah. Identical girls." *Smile* While I think to myself "Nope, I just stole this one. The other is mine."

"Are they identical?"
   A common question which I expect. 

"How old are they?"

"Can I see them?"

"How do you tell them apart?"
  I tell them that Riley has a skinnier nose and MacKenzie has a rounder face. I also add that I do not dress Riley in pink or pink-ish colors (that is MacKenzie's signature color) and MacKenzie does not wear the color purple (Riley's signature color). 

"Which one is older?"

"Do they have different personalities?"
It changes day to day. Once day Riley could be amazingly good the next she could cry all day unless being held.  

"Do twins run in your families?"
They do but distant on both sides. Neither of us realized it either until we spoke with our parents. 
"Are you done having kids?"
Sometimes I respond with "I hope so!" or "We aren't sure yet."

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