Thursday, May 22, 2014

2 Week Check-Up

The girls went for their two week check-up today in Towanda with Dr. Bista. This is the first time meeting her & I must say she is a super nice lady. haha. I can also say that I will never again go by myself! Luke & Madison were with my parents so it was just me & the girls but it was still so stressful. Two naked, crying at the top of their lungs babies because they were hungry & wanted to sleep. 
The following are their current stats:

Riley Lynn
19.25" long
6lbs 1oz
No Vaccination
Breastfeeding like a champ
VitD Prescription

MacKenzie Rose
19.25" long
6lbs 3oz
No Vaccinations
Breastfeeding like a champ
VitD Prescription

The prescription is in liquid form to be inserted via mouth. Since they are being breastfed & were born early they need the extra vitamins. 

Both have been great sleepers at night. They will wake once (sometimes together, sometimes different) but once they wake to eat they tend to stay awake longer then we would like.  haha.  

They are in between preemie & newborn clothing.  Preemie onesies are too small but newborn jumpsuits are too big. 

They are also starting to have longer wake times during the day which means I get to see those pretty eyes. 

So far we are still taking it one day at a time. The house isn't as clean as it use to be & the dishes may pile up every few days but I get done what needs to be done. Happy kids, Happy husband, Happy mommy. 

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