Thursday, May 1, 2014

36 Week Appointment.

Final appointment before my induction on Monday! Both girls weigh about 6lbs each and look so tiny. It was so tight in there that it was hard to get a good photo of them, the above was the best. BabyA is head down and BabyB is breech but the nurse said that shouldn't change anything come time for delivery.** Dr. Dolkart checked their hearts and they both look perfect and healthy. I have another appointment with my SIL & BIL tomorrow to get my pressure points worked on and my adjustment. Let's hope that get's things going and I can start labor myself without the help of the pitocin.

**The nurse was wrong. If BabyB is still breech when I get to the hospital then it's a definite c-section. BOTH babies HAVE to be head down in order to deliver vaginally. Let's hope babyB turns back to head down! She has been that way the entire pregnancy until now!

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