Thursday, May 8, 2014

Riley & MacKenzie's Birth Story.

May 5th we became a family of SIX! Originally scheduled for an induction, which turned into a last minute scheduled c-section, we showed up to the hospital on May 5th at 6am.  I was brought to my room, given my gown to change into, they began setting up my IV & belly monitors. Planning on a c-section at 8:30am (babyB was breech) doctors and nurses came in introducing themselves explaining how they would be involved & what to expect. As the time got closer my main nurse Shelly brought in the ultrasound machine so Dr. Wood & Dr. Herbst could check the positions of the twins before the surgery.

Turns out babyB flipped! They still gave me the option of still keeping the c-section but I decided to opt out and attempt vaginal. They checked my cervix and my body was already progressing on it's own, another woo hoo moment! Dr. Wood broke babyA's water and then we just chilled out for a bit. I was feeling contractions but it was mostly pressure and the hardening of my belly more then pain. By 5cm I asked for the epidural in case babyB flipped after babyA was born and an emergency c-section would be needed, in which case I'd be put under if I didn't have the epidural. Talk about a nervous wreak! The thought of anything going into my back makes me cringe!! Overall it was better then I had thought it would be, just a tinge of pain when they numb the area and then pressure when they insert the spinal catheter. 

Well it turns out only half of my body got numb from the epidural, so I had a half natural delivery! When the contractions got closer together and I started getting the feeling to push Dr.Wood checked me (I was 9 1/2cm) and decided to start getting things ready for the OR where I would delivery the twins in case a c-section is needed. With the help of my husband Dr. Peter (because he had to put those scrubs on in the OR, he looked very professional hehe) they wheeled me into the room and began to prep. Adjust the bed, making sure all the tools were ready, and the nurses were prepped. We awaited Dr. Herbst and then I was able to start pushing!

Dr. Wood & Dr. Herbst were waiting for a contraction to start so I could start pushing. I told them I felt one, they told me to push. After 9 pushes Riley Lynn was born! I was able to take a break and wait for the next contraction. Once I felt the contraction I was able to push again and after 3 more pushes MacKenzie Rose was born 3 mins after her sister. Pushing out two was no difference then pushing out one in my opinion. The ring of fire is there with the first baby but you don't even notice it with the second (which is amazing ha!). Two happy and healthy baby girls! I had no tearing so no stitches were needed and the recovery has been amazing (kind of).  

I ended up with a spinal headache the day after we came home from the hospital. I had it during the hospital stay but it didn't fully hit me until we were already home. 

"Your brain and spinal cord are contained in a bag of fluid. The bag is called the dura and the fluid is called the cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF).When an epidural is given, a needle is used to inject local anesthetic just outside the dura.  If the needle passes through the dura accidentally, CSF can leak out.  When a spinal injection is given, a very fine needle is inserted through the dura deliberately. If too much fluid leaks out through the small hole in the dura, the pressure in the rest of the fluid is reduced. If you sit up, the pressure around your brain is reduced even more. This lowered pressure causes the typical headache."  
My headache got to the point where I was completely miserable and felt like I could barely function. Having two newborns and two toddlers you kind of need to function. Laying flat with a cold towel over my eyes was the only way to give me some comfort and even then my head still pounded terribly. We had an appointment for MacKenzie Wednesday morning to get checked for jaundice again so while there I went to the ER. The admitted me and gave me a gown. I signed the papers needed and about 2hrs later the anesthesiologist came in to perform the blood patch.

"In addition, if a person develops a spinal headache following a procedure, the anesthesiologist can create a blood patch with the person's blood to seal the leak. To administer a blood patch, the anesthesiologist inserts a needle into the same space as, or right next to, the area in which the anesthetic was injected. The doctor then takes a small amount of blood from the patient and injects it into the epidural space. The blood clots and seals the hole that caused the leak."
It hurt like hell, gave me worse pain in my lower back then the epidural did. I had to lay in the ER for an hour just to make sure the blood was distributed and the procedure worked. (Which is did thank gosh!) My lower back is still in pain but it's bearable and worth it since my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode.

Now we are in the comfort of our own home, relaxing and adjusting to life. Luke and Madison are absolutely in love with their sisters and are terrific little helpers. Maddie has declared herself the keeper of pacifiers until a baby cries, then she will put one in their mouth. The girls have been sleeping a lot during the day so I have started waking them every two hours for a diaper change and to eat. I'll tickle their little feet and play with them to keep them awake for as long as they can stand.  

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