Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recovering From a C-Section

(guest post from Rachelle)

Hey, I'm Rachelle. I had a natural birth with my son in 2010 and a scheduled c-section with my daughter in October 2013. Although it was planned I still went into labor the day before (seems my daughter didn't want to wait another day!), so lucky me I got to experience the joys of labor. My daughters stomach was measuring larger than it should have been which is why I had a scheduled c-section, they didn't want her to get stuck on the way out. So from my experience, here are some tips for recovering from a c-section.

You won't be able to get up and walk until hours (maybe even the next day). So when you are able to get up, take it slow! A nurse will be there to assist you the first few times. 

Bring a pillow from home, maybe even a blanket (I did both). It's comforting to have since you will be in the hospital for about 3-4 days. I also recommend using a pillow to hold against your belly if you have to cough or sneeze within the first week, to help with the pain.

Shower Supplies
This may be a given, but bring your own shower supplies to use. It'll do wonders with how you feel!

Feeding Tip
If you breastfeed (or maybe even bottle feed), it will be more comfortable to hold baby football style so there's no pressure on your incision. 

Let the nurses take the baby to the nursery at nights, you need your rest. Either way you give birth it is tiring, but speaking from experience having a c-section is a way more painful recovery. If you decided to breastfeed make sure to tell the nurses to bring baby back when he/she gets hungry. 

Bring a loose dress, maternity clothing, or big fitted sweatpants to wear home. You want anything that isn't tight around your belly.

Don't Get Upset
Try not to get upset at yourself for not doing anything around the house when you get home. I did because being a SAHM I do everything in the house, so for me not to do anything made me feel unaccomplished, which only drained me more. Don't feel that way! You just made a little human!

Ask for Help
You're going to need help, with basically everything. So ask some family and friends to come over not only to meet your new bundle of joy but to help with the laundry, dishes, cooking, and whatever else needs to be done.  If you have a church family, ask for meals! Our church family was a HUGE blessing.

If you have any thing to add please feel free to do so in the comments below! 

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