Monday, March 31, 2014

Tips To Produce More Breast Milk

For a lot of ladies being able to produce more breast milk is mainly mind over matter. If you have faith, are confidant, and relaxed you will be able to produce more. Unlike those mom's I just mentioned others just aren't able to produce and need a little help (nothing wrong with that!).

Tips To Produce More Breast Milk

1. Nurse, Nurse, Nurse!
Infants won't overeat when they breastfeed. It's a supply & demand process. If baby is hungry or shows signs of hunger feed him/her! An infants suck is stronger then a pumps suck, they will have a better chance pulling more milk then a pump.

2. Pump
Pumping before or after a nursing session will help produce more milk as well. Just be careful not to trick your body into over supply. 

3. Relax
Make sure the environment you are in is relaxing. Infants can detect stress & will become stressed themselves. If you have other children it may be difficult but try to give them a toy to play with or something to distract them. 

4. Lactation Cookies
A recipe such as these are yummy! Eating these cookies give you the nutrition you need to support your supply. It's recommended to eat one or two cookies a day.

5. Tea
Milkmaid Tea like this is a great way to increase supply. I find that a lot of the milkmaid tea's have horrible flavor but this brand is delicious. 

7. Diet
Adding 500 calories to your diet is recommended for breastfeeding mothers. Eating healthy won't only help your supply but it will make you feel better as well! 

8. Herbs
Fenugreek is always a GREAT way to increase supply, 2 tablets three times a day. Beware though, it does transfer into your milk and often gives infants gas. So if you start taking this and baby becomes restless and gassy this may be why.

Added by the readers:

9. Water
Keeping hydrated is a great way to keep milk production up. Drink, drink, drink!

10. Skin to Skin Contact

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