Monday, March 31, 2014

Postpartum Recovery Kit

When I first had my son I had no idea what to expect during and after labor. I especially didn't know what to expect once we arrived home. Was I going to be able to walk?! How bad is it going to hurt?  How long will it take to feel "normal" again? I had everything prepared at home for my son but nothing for myself. I think a kit like this is a must have for any pregnant woman, and what an awesome gift too! 

**NOTE: This is from my experience of two natural vaginal births. I have not experienced a c-section. If you have and have anything to add to the list please comment below and it will be added!**

Granny Panties

Maxi Pads
You will bleed for about 6 weeks (give or take, everyone is different) after giving birth. The bleeding is pretty heavy at first, so save your good underwear for after!

Tucks Pads
These will help the unlucky ones who get hemorrhoids after giving birth. I had them after my son but not my daughter. They are painful and if you aren't sure what is going on scary. 

Dermoplast Pain Relief Spray
Another aid after a vaginal delivery. The hospital provided this for me after my son, but when I had my daughter at a different hospital they did not. Going to the bathroom will hurt as will the area you just pushed a human out of. Use the water bottle to spray yourself off, pat dry, and spray yourself down there with some of this spray. You'll feel instant relief, enough to go "ahhhh!" 

Nipple Cream
Nursing Pads
Breastfeeding will do a number on your nipples at first. The cream will help sooth the pain, excellent for when you go to shower and just the water hurts! The pads will help from leaking through your bra and shirt, it's embarrassing trust me! 

Water Bottles next to bed 
Quick Snacks next to the bed
For those night feedings. I always got thirsty and hungry when I was up with my kids for their night feedings. Keeping a stash will save you (or your spouse) from running to the kitchen 

Phone App/Journal to record dirty/wet diapers and bfing times
After a week home the hospitals (in my area) send a home nurse to check up on you. Their job is to make sure baby is feeding correctly, gaining weight, and is having plenty of dirty/wet diapers. They also answer any questions you may have and will give you tons of awesome papers with tips and tricks on them. I wish I had an app or journal to write down and keep track of everything so I could give her accurate answers.

Added for C-Section Mommas!

"Gas Pills because you WILL get trapped air from when they open you up."

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