Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fighting Heartburn/Reflux.

With my first two pregnancies I had no problem with heart burn or acid reflux, this time around...not so lucky! It is horrible and I'm horrible because I keep eating drinking the things causing it. To help with the burning and to get more comfortable I have done the following. Now? No more reflux!  #1 and #6 are my favorites!

1. Liquid Chlorophyll 
This is always the first thing I recommend to my pregnant friends who tell me they are having horrible heart burn or acid reflux. Besides the great taste (mint) it is something you can drink all day long without worrying about side effects or doses. It's also great while not pregnant. Just mix it with water and you are good to go! 

2. Fresh Pineapple
Citrus can cause heart burn but fresh pineapple actually contains bromelain & enzymes that help minimize inflammation. 

3. Coconut Water
Coconut water contains natural acid neutralizers. Not my personal favorite, but hey if it works!

4. Elevate Your Head While Sleeping
Put multiple pillows under the head of your bed or blocks under the feet to keep your head elevated. This will help keep the acid down in your stomach.

5. Watch What You Eat/Drink
Coffee, Chocolate, Soda, Citrus, and Italian Dressing (the vinegar) can cause your heart burn/reflux. Watch what your eat/drink and how you feel within a half hour to an hour. 

6. Ice
Chewing on ice is one of my favorite things to do during this pregnancy. I have a craving for it. I also noticed that when I have reflux and eat ice that the cold helps soothe my throat and chest. 

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