Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Epidural Vs. No Epidural.

My current debate: Epidural or No Epidural?

I delivered both Luke and Madison naturally and I would LOVE to do that again for the girls. 

So you're probably thinking, "What's stopping you?"
Ah ha! Twins are tricky little people during delivery. (:

 They could both be head down. BabyA could be delivered vaginally THEN BabyB could flip, no longer being head down. Or the placenta could detach before BabyB is born (the girls are sharing the placenta)
Dun Dun. 

There is the chance of everything going perfect and both babies are born vaginally.
There is a chance BabyA could be delivered vaginally and BabyB would need to be delivered via C-Section if problems occur.

If I choose to go natural I will have to be put to sleep if problems occur and BabyB needs to be delivered via c-section. Meaning I would miss the birth of one of the girls. Not something I want happening. 

If I get an epidural there's the chance that BabyA & BabyB could both be born vaginally. Which would make me feel like a failure because I could have done it naturally. 

Both of my doctors recommend the epidural just to play it safe and as of right now I'm leaning that way too. I will go as far as I can with the contractions naturally but get the epidural just when needed. 

So...what do you think? Epidural? No epidural? 

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  1. I definitely vote NO epidural. Drs are trained to treat sicknesses. they look for ways to prevent problems. Your pregnancy is not a "problem," a "sickness," or a "condition." I would avoid any type of medical intervention unless it is necessary. The C-section rate in this country is way higher than it needs to be simply bc drs are worried about being sued. They are much more likely to be sued for not acting than for acting, and they know this. Not saying that they don't have your best interests in mind, but they have their livelihood in mind too.

    For the record, I have had never had an epi. First baby was induced because the dr grew impatient, and I finally gave in to the pressure from my husband and the nurse and got nubain. Second baby, I stayed at home as long as possible and had no drugs at all (until they gave me Pitocin after the fact without my knowledge--I was NOT pleased, but at least the baby was out by then, so whatever).