Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ways To Be A Happy Stay At Home Mom/Wife

Having the chance to stay at home with your children is such a blessing! At the same time it is very challenging and you may find yourself stressed out, exhausted, and fed up.

  • Wake up before the kids!
Get ready for the day before the kids wake up. I wake up every morning at least 2 hours before the kids usually wake. Being able to put away the clean dishes, load the dishwasher with the dirty ones, have my coffee, get dressed, and enjoy an episode of my favorite show before the kids wake up let's me relax. It also let's me get ready because I know if I don't do it before I either won't do it at all after or I will rush through it later.

  • Lower your expectations.
When you have low expectations you are less likely to become disappointed if something doesn't get done (which is okay).

  • Make time for your significant other.
A date night (out or in) or just time together after the kids are in bed watching your favorite show together. When the kids are awake be sure to steal a hug or kiss (or two) from your significant other. Don't forget that they are there too and need some of your attention, even if its a quick reminder of how much you love them. 

  • More smiles, singing, & giggles. 
Go ahead and be Snow White(:  When I start my work for the day I put on some music. Not only does it help me from getting bored but the kids enjoy dancing to it and I enjoy singing! So if you come over during cleaning time you will find Snow White (me) singing while working and her little dwarfs (the kids) dancing away! 

  • Talk to grown ups.
When you stay at home all day with the kids you almost forget that there are other adults in the world. Give a friend a phone call at the end of the day or have a girls night with your friends. Leave the conversation about our kids at home and talk about other things. 

  • Get out of the house.
Go for a walk, play in the park with the kids, or go out in the something that is not inside! It will help you from getting cabin fever. Even if it's just for a quick run to the gas station to fill up the car, do something!

  • Clean a little each day.
Doing all the dusting on Monday, Sweeping each night before bed, Bathrooms on Wednesday...breaking it down will make it easier. I usually enjoy doing most of my cleaning during the kids nap times or before bed so when I wake up in the morning I don't wake up to a mess!

  • Make a schedule.

It will save you. When the days hit that the kids are screaming and not cooperating you will thank yourself for having a schedule. You will also be less stressed thinking if you missed an appointment or forgot to pick something up.

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