Tuesday, March 11, 2014

29 Weeks

How Far Along:  29 Weeks

Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained 3lbs last week. I get weighed again next Tuesday. 

Sleep: Good but still tossing and turning.

Best Moment This Week:  Seeing my baby girls again & getting Rita's!

Movement: All the time, constantly.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Rita's Italian Ice!

What I Miss: Being able to go out with out having to pee at least 3 times & a normal belly button.

Stretch Marks:  No more then last week.

Belly Button:  Outtie!

Wedding Rings:  Adjustable.

Mood: Exhausted but ready for the babies to come!

Labor Signs:  Light contractions.

Milestones:  It's the third trimester & Rita's is open!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: I had an appointment with Dr. Dolkart yesterday and then got my Rita's! I'll see Dr. Wood again next Tuesday. 

What I look forward to: Having these babies out! 

Photo Outtake(: 

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