Wednesday, March 12, 2014

29 Week Ultrasound & Baby Update.

I had my 29 week check up today with Dr. Dolkart and was able to see the girls again. Both are still head down, which means as of right now I will be able to deliver them "normal" and not need a c-section. Let's hope that they stay in that position since they are running out of room.  BabyB is a bit bigger then BabyA (17% difference) but Dr. Dolkart isn't worried yet. Since they are sharing a placenta weight differences tend to happen more often. My belly is officially the size of a full term pregnancy and I still have 10 weeks to go, ugh. Next week when I see Dr. Wood I will see if I gained anymore weight. My cervix isn't thinning yet which is good. If it was they would have to start giving me steroid injections to help the lungs of the twins develop. 
This was the quickest ultrasound I have had yet. Both girls stayed still for most of it so the measurements needed we were able to get right away.


Oh, yeah...I finally was able to get my Rita's Italian Ice!

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