Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Difference Between Singleton & Multiple Pregnancies

Before I found out I was going to have twins I knew very, very little about how different the pregnancy is compared to a singleton pregnancy. All I really knew was that moms who carried multiples usually had a bigger belly & the babies typically arrived earlier then singletons. That's it. 

Boy was I clueless! One of the main reason's I freaked out when we found out we were going to have twins was due to the unknown. I have been through two singleton pregnancies before, surely I could do another. Twins? Completely new! It's like being pregnant for the first time all over again. 

Fast forward to now, I've done my research..bought 5 different books focused towards a multiple pregnancy...and have been through half a twin pregnancy. Below are a few differences between carrying a singleton and carrying multiples.

     1. You Are MORE Tired.

The first few months of this pregnancy nearly wore me out. I was going to bed at 8pm, when normally I would be up until 11pm, and taking multiple short naps a day. When I was pregnant with Luke or Madison I was hardly, if ever, tired! I never needed naps and never went to bed before 10pm. Now that I'm in the middle of the pregnancy I'm hitting my energy peak, not looking forward to that crashing towards the end!

    2.  More Prenatal Visits.

I have a doctors appointment every Tuesday until these girls come out! That's about 31 visits, since we found out it was twins until two days before my due date. Every other appointment I see a different doctor. My normal OB will check my weight and blood pressure and the twins heart beats. Every Tuesday in between appointments with her I go see a specialist who does an ultra sound at every appointment to check the twins' growth rate, cords, the placenta, and my cervix. 

  3. Twin Pregnancies Require More Vitamins.

I take my normal prenatal's, a prescription for extra folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin C. With my other pregnancies I rarely even took my prenatal's, I know bad me.  

   4. Be Prepared WAY In Advance.

Most multiple pregnancies do not make it to 40 weeks. I have read that they typically enjoy coming any time between 35 & 37 weeks. For that reason, I already have my hospital bag packed..birth plan ready and printed...and baby clothing folded and ready. I'm waiting to order the second car seat but feel I should do that soon. 

5. Good Luck Finding Clothing That Fit.

Seriously, good luck. I'm already 24 weeks and my normal jeans no longer fit. In my singleton pregnancies I wore them throughout the entire pregnancy...that is no longer an option. T-Shirts are starting to become a problem. Thank goodness my husband has a lot that I can wear(; 

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