Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Ultimate Baby Registry List

Although I do not have/need a baby registry with my current pregnancy I did do one with my first. Looking back there are things that I wish I had included and things I wish I had left off because they never got used. So going over every baby item I can think of I put together the ultimate baby registry list for you!

Car Seat
Graco Snug Ride 30
The seat is light enough that when you add baby you don't break your back trying to pick it up.

Car Seat Canopy
 I didn't have one with my son but I wish I did! I just used blankets which would always end up falling down or off the seat. The best thing about the canopy (& this site) is that they always have them on sale!

Stroller: **Reminder** Depending on the car seat you have/want you may need the same brand stroller (graco seat & stroller).
Baby Trend Snap & Go
This stroller is great for those who like simple. ANY car seat will snap into it, it is cheap (because there are no bells and whistles), and it folds up so quickly.

Fisher Price Cradle Swing
A life saver. We originally had a regular swing, nothing special or fancy. It broke..after the fourth time we used it! My sister-in-law bought this fisher price swing for me from a yard sale and it was meant to be. My daughter LOVED this swing, when I didn't know what to do because she was over tired I placed her in the swing..turned it on..and BAM she was quiet!

Bouncer Seat:
Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer
I used my bouncer the most out of all the gear listed above. When I needed to do something, baby was in the bouncer. When I needed to sneak to the bathroom, baby was in the bouncer. If I had to choose between a bouncer and a swing...the bouncer would win. Both of my kids loved the bouncer, I'm hoping the twins will as well!

4-in-1 Crib
Really any 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 will work. I honestly see no use in a bassinet. Your baby will spend a few months in one and then you will need a crib anyways. The convertible cribs are great. When your baby reaches the toddler stage and is ready for a toddler bed you just take off the front and you're done.

I do not have much knowledge about bottles since I breastfed my first two children. With the twins I do plan to exclusively pump so I will need bottles & supplies. After doing research, these are the best I consistently came across: Comotomo 5oz Bottles

Boppy Pillow: 
My Breast Friend
This is the pillow I would recommend to anyone that wants one. I had one and honestly, I barely used it. This one is nice though. It straps around your body and has a pocket to hold a drink or cell phone.

Breastfeeding needs:
Breast Milk Storage Bags
Breast Pads
Nipple Cream
Hospital Grade Pump **Call your insurance to see if they will cover the cost of one. Mine was free thanks to them!**

Bath Time
Summer Infant Fold Away Tub
I love that this folds away and is easy to hide in our bathroom closet. 
Healthcare & Grooming Kit
Hooded Towels
California Baby 3-in-1 Wash

Car Mirror
I always feel better when I can see the baby(s) when they are rear facing.
Video monitors are the best. They allow you to see if baby is just fussy while sleeping or if baby is actually awake and needs your attention. This also helped with getting the kids to sleep through the night. I wasn't always running in the room at the first noise because I was able to see what the problem was (if there was one).

Diapering & Accessories
Diapers **Ask for people to give you the receipts. That way if your baby(s) out grows a size and you have a box or two left over you will be able to return them and get the size you need** 
Diaper Rash Cream
Diaper Bag
Diaper Disposal **Optional. We just use plastic bags from the food store to toss the diapers in. Once that is full we take them out to our diaper only 

Clothing (Onsies, Gowns, Socks, Hats)
Woombie Swaddlers
These really are the BEST swaddlers out there. Buy or ask for as many as you can!
Crib Sheets
Crib Mattress
Crib Soother
Both kids enjoyed theirs. This one is portable (which is great!) and has a bunch of different settings.

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