Thursday, September 6, 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary

My husband is a big Saving Private Ryan fan so for our anniversary I thought it would be great to have a night to sit together & watch it while having a couple beers and cuddles. I wanted to do more for him then just popping in the movie when he got home from work, so I brainstormed some ideas and put them all together!

  1. I found a website that lets you create your own movie tickets, even allowing you to add a photo, font, and color! What a great idea right? So I took a photo from our wedding day and added it to the ticket along with the plan for the night in print below it.

2.Bought a six pack of his favorite beers and set them up on the coffee table. Along with one beer and the movie tickets by the entry way so he can see what to expect.

The night turned out great and we both had a great time! What do you do on your anniversary? Anything special, share it below!

Copy & Pasting my photos is stealing! Please don't do that!

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