Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Freezing & Canning Vegetables (Tomatoes)


Lemon Juice
Chopping Knife
Pearing Knife
Pot to boil water
Bowl for ice water
Jars w/ new lids
Hot Water Bath Canner


Rinse your jars and lids with hot soapy water. Next add 1 tbsp of lemon juice to each pint jar (tbsp for quart jars). Start your hot water on the stove, make sure it boils, and add cold water and ice to your other bowl. 

When the water on the stove starts to boil add tomatoes, 3-4 at a time, after 1min take the tomatoes out and transfer them to the ice water. 

After they soak in the ice water take them out and cut the core out and peel the skins off. 

Cut in to pieces and add to your jar, push down on the tomato pieces creating juice. Make sure to leave 1in head space.

Use a chopstick or wooden spoon handle to scrap along the sides of the jar to release air bubbles, pressing the tomatoes to make more juice. Clean the top of the jar, where the lid will cover, with a paper towel. (Leaving a dirty lip on the jar will ruin the canning process) Now attach lids and place in hot water bath rack. One you fill the rack, lower into the pot & turn on burner. (Make sure to have at least 1 in of water covering the cans) Pints & Quarts can for the same amount of time; 1hr 25mins.

Once they are done, lift up canning rack and remove jars to a towel in an area with minimal exposure to drafts. Let cool 12-24hrs. 

Testing if the cans are sealed

Once the 12-24 hrs is up you will want to check your can lids to make sure they sealed properly.
-If the lid is dipped down in the middle, it is sealed.
-If you press down on the lid & it doesn't give, it is sealed.

My final product! 10pints, 5 Quarts

Do you do any canning? Share what you can & how it turns out!

Copy & Pasting any of these photos is stealing! Please do not do that!

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