Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Freezing & Canning Vegetables (Green Beans)

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Quart Cans
Hot Water Bath Items (Canning Pot & Can grips)
Green Beans

Pluck the green beans & rinse them in water to make sure they are clean.

Next, rinse out all of your jars with warm water and soap. Add 1tsp of salt to each jar, if you are doing pint jars add 1/2tsp of salt. Then start laying the green beans in the jars. I like to put my jars on their sides and lay the beans in this way, makes it a bit easier to fill in the space. When you can't fit anymore beans in turn the jar up normal and try to squeeze as many beans in as possible. (Snapping them in half to make fit works as well!) Fill the jars with water so the beans are covered & secure lids. BE SURE TO LEAVE 1IN HEAD SPACE!

Place jars in canner rack and lower into water. Be sure there is at least an inch of water above the jars. Place lid on and turn the heat to high. Leave the jars in the water bath for 90mins.

Once the 90mins is up, raise the rack and remove the cans and place on a towel in an area with a low draft. Having air constantly blowing on the jars could ruin the process. You will want the jars to be about 2in apart so they can cool evenly. It will take about 12-24hrs for this to be completed.

Testing if the cans are sealed

Once the 12-24 hrs is up you will want to check your can lids to make sure they sealed properly.
-If the lid is dipped down in the middle, it is sealed.
-If you press down on the lid & it doesn't give, it is sealed.

Do you do any canning? Share what you can & how it turns out!

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