Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Freezing & Canning Veggies (Onions)

Today I went to my mothers to start freezing & canning my veggies! We have a small kitchen at home so being able to use her's with plenty of room to move around was great!

I usually purchase all my produce at a couple different places in the summer. We have an Amish family that has a tent, local individual farmers with stands, & a good ole' farmers market.


Freezer Bags
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I started with my onions. I bought two medium bags which held about 15 onions each. I cut them to different sizes & divide them into freezer baggies; Small minced onions, medium cut pieces, large cut pieces, & spiral cut onions(type for hamburgers). I place the cut onions in the baggies, usually two onions will fill a bag, press the bag to squeeze the air out & then label them with today's day & size.

Frozen onions will loose their crispness so are typically good for soups & such. If you choose to sauté them, throw them in the hot oil still frozen instead of thawing them first.

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