Thursday, April 2, 2015

Luke's Construction Birthday Party!

In March we celebrated Luke turning 4! The theme was construction and we had a blast with everyone that showed up. I hope you enjoy the photos! A bunch of the decorations were homemade while others were bought over time. I usually begin planning the parties about 2 months in advance. That gives me time to purchase items and save money rather then buying all at once taking a chunk out of our bank account.

If you have any questions regarding any items you see please feel free to comment below and I'd be happy to help!

Gift Station.

Cake that I made. 

Bathroom sign.

Birthday Sign. Shared Luke's favorite things, what he loves, silly things he says, and how many teeth he has. Photos around the sign were from the day he was born to most recently. 

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Drink Station

Kids were giving wooden car kits to construct, paint, and decorate
Luke checking out his cake. He loved it! 
Each food item had a construction sign label (chicken wing dip= wet cement) but I forgot to get a photo of those.

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