Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Been a While.

So it has definitely been a while since I have created a blog post! I'm hoping that now that the twins are older I will have more time to focus again on this. So lets play catch up?

The last blog post I made was in August 2014, since then a lot has happened. We celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, & Luke's 4th birthday, Madison will be 3 the end of this month, the twins will be turning one next month and have been hitting plenty of milestones.

We got some good snow this winter so the kids built a snowman with daddy!

Cold winter nights call for hot coca, pretzels, and a movie!

Maddie is obsessed with ballerinas.

She approves this message.

Madison has been potty trained (day and night) for a few months now. Thank goodness! 

MacKenzie can stand unassisted for a good amount of time. She will be walking soon!

The crawl around and get into anything and everything they can. 

The girls eat table food and love it! 

Riley pulls her self up and stands while holding onto things but not unassisted yet.

Riley is such a ham! She is the laid back one between the girls. MacKenzie is more serious.

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