Monday, May 12, 2014

Week One!

A week has already gone by since the girls were born and a lot of stuff has been happening! 

I ended up with a spinal head ache and went to the ER to get a blood patch done. It worked to calm the main head ache but I will still on occasion get a head ache during the day, caffeine usually helps. 

The girls have been to the hospital in town three times since we have been home. All three visits were to get blood taken from one of their feet to test their bilirubin levels. MacKenzie's was high the first two times but thankfully they are both out of the "no-no zone" now. 
MacKenzie getting her foot pricked (slept right through it!)
The girls also had a check up with Dr. Wood on Wednesday (the day after we got home). MacKenzie weighed 5lbs 10oz and Riley weighed 5lbs 11oz, nothing to worry about since they both were giving me problems with eating. They are pro's at it now though! MacKenzie took a little longer to understand the breastfeeding thing but she has it down pat now. Riley has been a great from the start but will give me problems at night.

Sleep has been great as well. I figured out a routine that will allow us 4-5hrs of sleep before the girls wake up to eat & then another 2-3hrs of sleep before they are up for the day. I give them a bath at least an hour before we plan to go to bed, pj's, cuddles, feedings right before we go up to bed, & then swaddle!

Some of Peter's family from down state came up to visit so all six of us went to say hello and have dinner! The kids got to hang out and play with their cousins for a bit which was so nice. 
Luke on the far left and Madison on the far right

MacKenzie and Riley with two of their cousins
Mother's Day I spent with family. The below was my present from the kids & I love it!

So overall the first week has been very eventful and has kept us occupied! The girls have been happy & healthy, Luke and Madison have been great with them, and I'm adjusting well(:


  1. This is so awesome! So glad they're now out of the "no no zone"! Gald you already have a routine. It took me a while to get one down pact with my kids. This is great! You seem like a pro at this! & ive never heard of a spinal headache before. How do you know its that? & what did they do to help you get rid of it? Im clueless but curious!

  2. We knew it was a spinal headache because the doctors told me in the hospital what to look out for. They said it would literally feel like your head is going to explode, eyes sensitive to light, it would go away in the lying down position, ect. When it got to the point of me not being able to function & the fact that I would have been crying but I held it in because I knew how bad it would hurt...we told my doctor.

    In order to get rid of it you can drink caffeine or lay down flat. Mine got to the point of no return so they did a procedure called a blood patch. It's the same as an epidural except they inject your blood into your back not drugs.