Tuesday, April 8, 2014

33 Weeks

How Far Along:  33 Weeks

Weight Gain/Loss:  N/A until next week.

Sleep: Fine until I need to turn over. Pain/popping in my pelvis area & hip pain when I try to roll to the other side. 

Best Moment This Week:  Being able to see my girls again. 

Movement: Slowly becoming annoying but still there mainly in my pelvis area and belly button region. Not a whole lot of movement up around my ribs thank goodness. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Salty & spicy foods.

What I Miss: My belly button being an innie. It now sticks out and is noticeable through my shirts. lol

Stretch Marks: Yep!

Belly ButtonOutie.

Wedding Rings:  They fit but start irritating me half way through the day.

Mood: Ready to have these babies!

Labor Signs:  Short CervixLight contractions, slower fetal movement, and the girls have finally dropped. 

Milestones:  3 weeks left until I reach "full term"

Doctor Appointments: I saw Dr.Dolkart and the girls today and will see Dr. Wood next week to start my stress tests.

What I look forward to: Having these babies out & holding them! Seeing how Luke & Maddie interact with their new sister's. 

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