Tuesday, April 8, 2014

33 Week Appointment: Big News, Small News, and Some in Between!

Today I had my bi-weekly appointment to see Dr. Dolkart. It was definitely an informative and exciting one to say the least! See below!

*= see the bottom of the post

The Girls
The girls are measuring about 4.8 pounds each, give or take an ounce or two, which is fantastic! There are no issues or worries about them at all! Their belly's are measuring perfect and I got to see them practice breathing and swallow fluid during the ultrasound. 

The amniotic fluid is still great, no leaking at all. My cervix on the other hand is not behaving. While a normal cervix measures at 39 mine is now at 18. So due to my cervix being so short I had to receive a steroid shot* in my right butt cheek. NO. FUN. The needle wasn't bad but the medicine was like a rush of pain through my butt cheek which soon after went numb.

The Outcome
Tomorrow I will go to my OB's office to receive the second dose of steroids. Dr. Dolkart didn't put me on bed rest but did tell me to take it easy and to relax. At 36-37 weeks (if they don't come on their own) I will be induced. Identical twin pregnancies tend to have more complications after the 36 week mark which is why they plan to induce. 

So overall....the twins can arrive anytime within the next 3-4 weeks!
We are both excited but very nervous! 

*The steroid shot is to help the twins lungs develop in case of early delivery. The steroids cut the risk of lung disease and reduces a premature babies risk of dying by up to 40%. 

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