Thursday, February 20, 2014

26 Weeks.

"Hi Little Sisters!"

The girls weigh about 2 pounds and measure 9 1/4 inches long. Their eyelashes are forming and the hair on their head is still coming in.

How Far Along:  26 Weeks exactly and only 98 days to go!

Weight Gain/Loss:  Still have not gained anything.

Sleep:  I'm able to turn to the other side easier then before.

Best Moment This Week:  Receiving more of my maternity clothing from Old Navy!

Movement: All the time.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Sugar. Cookies, Chocolate, anything!

What I Miss: Painting my toenails. I think I painted them for the last time myself a day ago. 

Stretch Marks:  Not yet.

Belly Button:  Flat! haha

Wedding Rings:  Adjustable.

Mood: Becoming tired again. Not wanting to go to work and not interested in leaving the house if I don't have to. 

Labor Signs:  Light cramping.

Milestones:  So close to the third trimester!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: I will see Doctor Dolkart & the twins next Tuesday.

What I look forward to: Continuing to order the rest of the items we need and want for the girls. Putting together the crib that Luke, Peter, his siblings, and his father used as a baby(:

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