Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to my life!

Its been almost 5 months since the girls were born and my life is still as hectic as ever! Having twins hasn't made life easier but it hasn't made life miserable either, it's like a happy medium. We have good days, great days, horrible days, & dreadful days. You know, I guess we are still kind of normal. 
Though to make room for two more humans my schedule and my life had to adjust a bit. 

I no longer wake up, have a cup of coffee, and watch my favorite show while waiting for the kids to wake up. Now I wake up with one (or sometimes both) twins. I try to go to the bathroom before sitting down to feed them but sometimes I just don't have time.  My coffee is delayed and my peaceful morning is now filled with double the diaper changes, double the feedings, the hopes of getting to the coffee pot before it gets old, and waiting to use the bathroom until the girls are satisfied. But you know what, I get that bonding time with them before Luke & Maddie wake up and I love it. 

I no longer look "fresh faced" when going out. I'm lucky if I even get to apply eyeliner. Going out & about with 4 kids is like a race in this house.
"Luke find your shoes and put them on!"
"Madison pull your pants up and grab your blanket."
*trying to strap the girls in their seats and apply their bibs before they spit up all over* (never fails that EVERY TIME I put them in their car seats they decide to spit up all over) 
Thank goodness the older two love to help. Maddie is usually the last one out of the house because she loves to lock & shut the door for me. Luke will entertain the twins while I attempt to look decent enough to be in public.
And the days when Peter is home....well those are heaven & go so much smoother. 

As Riley & MacKenzie get older life gets easier. They can go longer between feedings, suck their thumbs if they are crying, & will now baby talk! Both are currently teething & trying to sit up by themselves (they have the supported sitting thing down). 

Online shopping is my friend, almost best friend if every site had free 2 day shipping like Amazon! 
Netflix and I are well acquainted. 
TShirts and basketball shorts are my uniform. My perfume you ask? Oh that's called baby spit up..ugh. 
Nail Polish is chipped and fading, hair is always thrown up in a pony tail or bun, and you will be lucky if my legs are freshly shaved. (Sorry, not sorry)

With that being said...I wouldn't trade this life for anything. I have 4 wonderful children that do/will call me mom. (A secret between you and me, Luke even calls me Super Mom)! Four little hearts that have yet to do anything horrible, they are pure and gentle little beings who can say "sorry" or "I love you" without anything attached or expected. They're my world and I am theirs. 

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