Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Three Months!

THREE Months!

This past month went by so fast with the kids. Riley grew into size 1 diapers & 0-3M clothing and MacKenzie has been smiling so much & grew into size 1 diapers. 
Peter's brother got a new swimming pool so we all went over to go swimming. Maddie is my little fish! The kiddos have those Puddle Jumper life jackets so Mad keeps trying to swim alone without our assistance. Luke was scared at first but was soon swimming on his own as well. 

Riley Girl.

Silly MacKenzie
The town fair came the last week of July. Peter & I went alone one night to have some adult time together. We grabbed some dinner & walked around for a little bit. Luke & Madison went another night with Peter's parents. They were able to ride the rides and grab dinner there as well. When they came back Madison was a princess (wand & crown too) and Luke was a warrior (his words haha) with a new toy gun. They both had a blast! I can't wait until we can take all 4 kids next year.

We attempted to use Goats Milk as a supplement so I could get some me time. We used it one weekend & will never use it again, ha. The girls took well to it actually so well that when I went back to breast feeding them they made me so sore. I wanted to give up. The bottle milk output vs my output...the bottle won. I pushed through the pain & we have been back to normal again. 
The girls eat about every 2-3 hours and are wide awake for most of the day. I am attempting to get the girls on a better nap schedule so I'm using the 2-3-4 method. 

First nap 2hrs after waking up in the morning. Second nap 3hrs waking from the first nap. Final sleep is 4hrs after the second night & would be bed time.  
Starting to look identical. Mac(L) & Riley (R)

MacKenzie's first time in the baby tub.

The girls.

Riley's first time in the baby tub

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