Thursday, July 31, 2014

From Me to You: Tips For New Moms!

Are you a soon to be first time mom and freaking out? Heck, are you a second..or third..or fourth time mom and freaking out?   Well here are some tips to help you relax & put your mind at ease.

  • If breast feeding. It will hurt. It will be stressful. DON'T give up! I wanted to quit multiple times with Madison but I stuck it out & we made it past a year! 
  • White noise is your friend.  A sound machine, window fan, or the tv on static will help your baby sleep soundly. With two loud toddlers running around I have learned to use white noise more than ever to help the twins nap and sleep.

  • You don't need to hold your baby all day long. It is okay to put them down. Not only will you be able to get stuff done but baby won't learn to rely on you holding him/her all. the. time.
  • Start a night time routine in the hospital. We did this with the twins and they have been with out a doubt the best infant sleepers between all of our kiddos.
  • Feed baby every two hours during the day. It will help establish a routine & you'll be sure they are getting enough food.

  • Babies cry for a reason.  Diaper needs to be changed, they're hungry, they just want to be held, they're over stimulated, they're over tired, they have gas, they're constipated, they're teething...explore with your baby before letting them CIO.
  • Don't panic. If you have checked your baby for all of the above in the last bullet and he/she is still crying and you're finding yourself frustrated; put baby in the crib & walk away for a little. Pull yourself together, count to 10, deep breathes, & go get your child. 
  • Swaddle. Either learn to use swaddle blankets or purchase velcro swaddlers (like we did). I swaddle the twins during naps & at night for bed. Helping them feel tight & confined relaxes babies. 

  • Newborns love black, white, & red objects! Print off a picture from the computer in black & white or purchase some infant play blocks. 
  • Sleep when baby sleeps (if you have no other children). Get your rest when baby does! The dishes, laundry, & cleaning can wait.
  • Rest when baby sleeps (if you have other children). It's hard to sleep when baby sleeps & watch your other children at the same time. So go ahead and sit on the sofa, put on your favorite tv show, and relax. You can still keep an eye on the other child(ren) while resting. 

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