Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exciting News! I'm Pregnant!

Madison is finally going to be a big sister and Luke will be a big brother again! I had took a test last Wednesday and got a positive! I have been testing every month for the past 4-6 months, just because. We weren't trying but at the same time we weren't preventing. We left it all up to God. 

I have my first doctors appointment on October 2nd. I will be trying to do posts after each appointment and keep everyone updated. As of now I predict the due date is June 25th, 2014. This will be my third pregnancy through the winter season and third birth around the spring/early summer time.  If we keep on this kind of time line I won't have to buy any new pregnancy clothing or infant clothing. Of course I will though, who can resist a shopping trip for a new little baby!  

No pictures yet but I will get some soon(: 

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